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Join Billie Groom as she delves deep into the controversy surrounding Lucy, the lone elephant at the Edmonton Valley Zoo, in an eye-opening podcast series. In this episode, Billie sits down with Yvonne

🦈🎙️ Harmony in the Deep: Demystifying the Shark with Prof. Dr. Raj Sekhar Aich. Join us for an illuminating journey into shark conservation with Dr. Aich, a visionary shark researcher and advocate, as

Tech Tails: How Rescue Spot is Revolutionizing Companion Animal Adoption with Nicole Patrick Welcome, animal advocates, to another compelling episode of The Rising Lioness, where the profound world of pet adoption and the

In this episode of the Rising Lioness podcast, host Erica Salvemini and guest Devan Schowe discuss the truth behind the zoo industry. They shed light on the exploitation and mistreatment of wild animals

Welcome to a special episode of the Rising Lioness podcast, where hearts, minds, and souls unite for animal rights and a harmonious world. Host Erica Salvemini is joined by dedicated advocate Debbie Dahmer,

Collection of antibiotic sales and use data central to ensuring responsible antibiotic use in animal health The voluntary collection of data on the sales and use of antimicrobials in animals has played a central

Africa’s Atlantic Humpback Dolphins Win US Endangered Species Protections Washington, DC—The National Marine Fisheries Service announced today that the highly imperiled Atlantic humpback dolphin will be protected under the US Endangered Species Act.  Atlantic humpback

Successful Rescue, Two Bears Find a New Home in Vietnam Sanctuary   A joint effort by World Animal Protection and Vietnam’s Forest Protection Department (FPD), successfully helped rescue two bears from Binh Duong province of

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