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Emmy Award Winning Music Producer Apple Juice Kid Set to Release Producer Album Love Love

Emmy Award Winning Music Producer Apple Juice Kid Set to Release Producer Album   Love Love

Emmy Award Winning Music Producer, Apple Juice Kid, Set to Release Producer Album “Love Love”


Apple Juice Kid, Emmy Award Winning music producer, drummer and DJ is releasing a producer album entitled “Love Love” on all platforms this month, January 2024.

Marcus Anderson, who was the saxophonist for Prince and one of the most talented musicians I have ever met, and I had a super creative session – several songs came out including this one AfroTrap.”

— Apple Juice Kid

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, January 10, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Apple Juice Kid, Emmy Award Winning music producer, drummer and DJ is releasing a producer album “Love Love” on all platforms this month, January 2024. He is collaborating with North Carolina artist, Mark Abercrombie, who created paintings for all of the single songs and cover art. Stephen Levitin, aka Apple Juice Kid, is known for his songs with Mos Def, Wale, Azealia Banks, Miles Davis remixed, MC Lyte and Camp Lo. He also co-founded the Emmy Award Winning PBS web series Beat Making Lab which has taught students from Fiji to Ethiopia how to make beats.

With this new album and artist collaboration, “Love Love”, he has made songs collaborating with spiritual doctor and teacher, Deepak Chopra; Marcus Anderson: who was the saxophonist for Prince; Sly and Robbie: the prolific producers from Jamaica; Geechi Suede from Camp Lo; many more musicians, singers and MC’s.

When you listen to the Apple Juice Kid’s “Love Love” album and view the artwork from Mark Abercrombie, it will become obvious that each song has a unique sound which brings you into different worlds of music mashing up genres from Trap, Moombahton, House, Dance Hall, Hip Hop and NeoSoul.

Provided below, is a breakdown of each Album track description from Apple Juice Kid himself:

1. Wake Up
featuring Geechi Suede, Mark Wells, Brandau

“Wake up was a song I made for a non-profit called Generation Waking Up in California for a good friend Joshua Gorman and his wife Cherine Badawi. My good friends Mark Wells played guitar and keys, wrote and sung the hook, Geechi Suede from the legendary group Camp Lo and our project Freebass 808 gave his immense talent on the verses, and Matt Brandau slayed the bass. We recorded this all in my home studio called the FunHouse in Chapel Hill, NC.”

2. Dictionary
featuring Sly and Robbie, Burur, Sup Doodle

“I was in Jamaica for my first time working with DJ Spooky and VP Records on an album called Phantom Dance Hall which was supposed to only last 3 days. I ended up staying for several months, and got introduced to the legendary bass and drum production team Sly & Robbie through another Jamaican producer Burur. Sly & Robbie and Burur gave me the stems for their dub song and I made it into this Future Trap song. Sup Doodle played keys and chopped some vocal samples into a melody.”

3. Marvellous One
featuring Marvellous 1, Brandau

“An amazing musician called Marvellous 1 and I had a session in the Beat Making Lab studio (an Emmy Award winning series about music education I co-founded with Pierce Freelon) in Chapel Hill, NC. Brandau played a killer bass line as always.”

4. Time
featuring Deepak Chopra, Ace Henderson

“I was about to be interviewed by Deepak Chopra and meet him for the first time in NYC. It was the night before the interview/meeting, and I was inspired to write a beat to present to him at the interview. I downloaded some of his talks, sampled his words, and made this beat which is now called Time and a featured song on my album. Ace Henderson an amazing MC from North Carolina, now in California put some incredible vocals around Deepak’s words.”

5. AfroTrap
featuring Marcus Anderson

“Marcus Anderson, who was the saxophonist for Prince and one of the most talented musicians I have ever met and I had a super creative session and several songs came out including this one AfroTrap. I love fusing Jazz and Hip Hop together, as I started out my career as a Jazz Drummer.”

6. LiveMix
featuring Mark Wells, Brandau, Vamsi Tadepalli

“I have played drums for so many years with my friends Mark Wells(keys) and Matt Brandau(bass) in a band Sankofa and The Remix Project. One day I brought in some beats and we replayed all the samples and this LiveMix is a result of that session. Vamsi Tadepalli, a genius arranger and sax player played the horn arrangement on one of these beats.”

7. Portraits
featuring Trice Be, Diali Cissokho, Brandau

“I had this beat for a while, playing a unique melodic percussion instrument Hang Drum(hand-pan) on it. I was taking a train from Greensboro, NC to Chapel Hill, NC and saw Trice Be on the same train. During this one hour train ride, we recorded the song on my laptop and USB mic, Trice Be singing on the train to make it happen. If you listen closely you can hear the train sounds. Diali Cissokho, a Griot Kora player from Senegal sang some magical vocals on it and Brandau played his usual rock steady bass on Portraits.”

8. Water
featuring Sly & Robbie, Burur

“Burur, a Jamaican music producer, gave me some Dub songs that he made with Sly & Robbie, the amazing drum and bass production duo from Jamaica. I took these dub songs, sampled them, and Water is one of the songs that came out of those sessions. I wanted to fuse Dub and Trap together and came up with this vibe heavy song.”

9. French DubHouse
feat Sly & Robbie, Burur, Sup Doodle

“French DubHouse is another song from Burur, Sly & Robbie. I wanted to make something a little more for the dance floor, and imagined this one rocking the clubs in France. Sup Doodle, an amazing music producer from NC helped with some keys and sample chops on this one.”

10. Time Remix
feat Deepak Chopra, Ami Kim, Mikki Ma’at, Seku Grey

“I love the song 4 Time with Deepak and Ace so much that I had to do a remix. I took the basic vocals with Deepak Chopra, added a new bass line and let the amazing singer and producer Ami Kim soar her vocal arrangements all over the track. Seku Grey and Mikki Ma’at also sprinkled their vocal magic on it.”

Provided below, Mark Abercrombie describes how he got involved in Apple Juice Kid’s masterpiece and gives insight on the meaning behind his creative artwork for “Love Love”:

“In the depths of the doom and gloom associated with the pandemic of 2020, Apple Juice Kid calls me up and asks me to come on board to his project “Love Love”. With a talent like Apple Juice Kid’s and the message inherent in the project “Love Love”, I would have been insane to not take him up on his offer to create four paintings associated with the project. Love is just what the world needs more of.”

Cover Art
“For the album’s cover art, I sought the boldness of a bass speaker, a heart coming out of the speaker, and the words “love love” lit up with bright LED flair.”

Wake Up Art (song 1)
“In accordance with the time in history in which it was created, I created my second piece featuring my wife in her nursing garb and in a power pose. The text “Love” is seen in gold over her COVID mask and the Japanese symbol for love is lit up with LED flair over her abdomen. She is seen in a power stance because she didn’t have a choice in the matter of showing up to care for patients in the hospital during the pandemic so she, and all other essential workers, had to be strong.”

Time feat Deepak Chopra Art (song 4 + 10)
“The third painting associated with the project includes a gold Sanskrit symbol for love with movement, color, and energy rushing up towards the English text: love. This acknowledges that Buddhism and Hinduism, with all its practices, originated in Sanskrit and bore massive influence in English speaking cultures.”

Marvelous One Art (song 3)
“A fourth painting combines “love” with the Hispanic text: amor, which also means “love”. It’s bright, colorful, and exciting nature reiterates the wonders of true love.”

Be sure to take a listen to Apple Juice Kid’s producer album “Love Love” releasing on all platforms this month.

Artist name: Apple Juice Kid
Album name: “Love Love”
Album art: Mark Abercrombie

Ginia Smith
Precision Media Inc.

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