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A few weeks ago, Lionsgate revealed it had another Blair Witch movie in the works. The series, which started with 1999's The Blair Witch Project, has been off and on over the decades,

Years ago, Andy Weir’s sci-fi novel Project Hail Mary was being optioned as a film with Ryan Gosling in the lead role. After years of no significant news on the project, Amazon MGM’s

There are a lot of superheroes running around the DC universe at any given time, and it often causes some headaches for its villains. If you’re a bad guy in that universe, how

Even before its casting was officially unveiled, Marvel Studios’ upcoming Fantastic Four movie was always poised to be a big deal. The First Family of Marvel Comics hasn’t had a movie since Fant4stic

Earlier in the week, we got our first look at Transformers One, and it probably didn’t look like what you were imagining. The animated movie, which is meant to serve as an origin

When Disney bought 20th Century Fox, it seemed inevitable that the company would find a way to get Marvel to crossover with the Alien or Predator. It took some time, but thanks to

There’s a lot of video games set to get TV or film adaptations in the next few years, and even more that seem like they’d be ripe for the picking. Bungie’s Destiny franchise

Nearly four years ago, we learned Disney was hoping to get a movie about its Space Mountain ride off the ground and into theaters. A lot’s happened since then, but the studio’s apparently

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