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USA Today bestselling author Tina Glasneck launches Kickstarter to unveil "Captive," a vivid dystopian universe where Dark Elves rule Richmond, Virginia. Experience Kristen's struggle in a printed omnibus and dive into gritty adventures

Preethi Srinivas, a TEDx speaker and animal advocate, has launched a crowdfunding campaign for her new book "Sakhyam." This fictional story explores the bond between a boy and a cow, highlighting the

"I was always working on a theory of America." The post “A Theory of America”: Mythmaking with Richard Slotkin appeared first on Public Books.

Recent release “The Sweetest Music” from Page Publishing author Lorine Sutherland is a compelling a thought-provoking tale that centers around a young woman who must make the choice to sacrifice her relationship with

Recent release “The A.S.M.R.: The Thrill Bible” from Page Publishing author Asheru Romancha is an informative read that shows the automatic, spontaneous, intelligent design from a feedback loop between the right hemisphere matched

Recent release “The Niagra Assignment” from Page Publishing author Christian Iheanetu follows the G7’s mission to rescue and reclaim their country from the grip of wickedness and evil, perpetuated against the nation and

Recent release “Silent Cry” from Covenant Books author Raquel Brown is a poignant and captivating novel that recounts the various years of abuse and trauma the author experienced through every phase of her

Recent release “Me and the Mental” from Page Publishing author Gary Rothlein is a compelling collection of traumatic moments from the author's late adolescence and early adult years and how each of these

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